Should Gaeta Be Airlocked?

After Friday's amazing episode of Battlestar Galactica, there seems to be a consensus among the fans: Gaeta needs to be thrown out the frakking airlock. The one-legged traitor helped mastermind a revolution that removed Adama and Tigh from power, leading to a to be continued showdown.

For the second consecutive episode, the concept of a reckoning was mentioned. Characters are debating and worrying about their ultimate fates, though the outlook doesn't look optimistic for anyone, least of all Gaeta.

Before being taken away, Admiral Adama gave Gaeta one last chance to end this revolution, and when Gaeta refused, Adama promised that a day of reckoning will come, and Gaeta will not be absolved for this transgression.

If it sounds like I'm using overly religious language, it's because that's what best suits Battlestar Galactica. The concepts of faith and God have always existed in the world of BSG, but now that the show is almost over, it's looking at the endgame, judgment day.

And so Adama has judged Gaeta as a traitorous rat without any hope for redemption. But playing Devil's advocate, is Gaeta really wrong? We've all grown attached to the wisdom and greatness of Admiral William Adama, but looking at the situation objectively, I'm not sure what Gaeta did was so bad.

The Cylons destroyed nearly all of humanity and now want amnesty. While I can understand giving it to Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, Tory and Athena, who were allegedly unaware of their true Cylon nature at the time of the attack, anyone involved in the actual decision to target the humans is clearly wrong.

Number Six, D'Anna, Boomer and Leoben were all part of an attempted human genocide. Surely there can be no forgiveness for that. Yet Adama seems perfectly happy to turn a blind eye to his XO having a baby with a woman who helped commit genocide.

Furthermore, the fleet is starting to look more like an empire than a democracy. The leader of the military is sleeping with the president, and his son is also a prominent political figure. Adama can do whatever he wants and there's absolutely no oversight or checks and balances. In the past, Gaeta tried voicing his concerns about Adama's one-sided leadership and was instantly shut down as insubordinate.

In the world of Battlestar Galactica, no one is allowed to speak truth to power and the Adama-Roslin partnership ensures that any dissenting voice will not be heard.

If a leader is demanding that military technology be installed among the civilian population for their own protection without allowing them to have any input, civil unrest should be expected. And if you disagree with that, ask yourself how you felt when you heard President George W. Bush was using the Patriot Act to tap your phones.

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Default avatar cat
Feb 4, 2009 6:22AM EST

I think the whole democracy thing was phoney from the start. There where only 50.000 survivers of the cylon attack cramped up in spaceships not build to ensure survival for years. Now there are only less than 40.000 people left still _cramped up in spaceships not build to ensure survival for years_. There is no functioning economy, no functioning society possible under the circumstances. Making holding on to democracy and achievements of civilisation in general very hard. As Lee Adama once said their just a bunch of people who gang up to ensure survival and not necessarily civilisation.
Rosslin came to power because she was the only one left of the originally goverment, the first free election was rigged by her and jet she is still president. Now that she wants to enjoy the rest of her days she retreated from her office but is not willing to give up presidency. Instead shes holding on to the office but leaving it empty and creating therefor a power vacuum making it possible for Tom Zarek to reach for power.
In a time of desperation she isn't leading the people giving reassurance and explaining why difficult and maybe painfull decission need to be made. She is leaving that to others creating a situation in which people like Gaeta feel the need to act themselfs.
I do not justify Gaetas actions but if Rosslin would have explained earlier why cylon technology is so important for the survival of the rest of the human race this situation could have been prevented.
As for Gaetas future, if he is not successful there will be a military tribunal with a following death sentence.

Default avatar cat
Feb 4, 2009 1:52PM EST

This is one of the things that I really love about this show, the way it presents moral complexities in a way that makes it possible for the view to see and understand both sides of a conflict. Of course, we don't sympathize with the mutineers, this is still a tv show, after all, but we can certainly understand their motives, even if their methods are violent.Yes, I hope Tom Zarek gets airlocked, and Gaeta gets thrown in the brig, but I love what this new development is showing us about the structure of the fleet.

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Feb 6, 2009 6:44PM EST

To hold the fact that he has one leg against him as a term of insult, is a bit rude though!

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Feb 6, 2009 6:51PM EST

Actually, can anyone remind me how we got from Baltar bleeding to death from an ENORMOUS wound while Roslin cracked up beside him trying to staunch the bleeding, to him being bright and perky again on board Galactica? Plainly, I've got a blackout!

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