New 'Caprica' Trailer Less Than a Week Before Pilot - Featured

It's t minus 6 days before Caprica kicks off on Syfy, and already the anticipation is high for the Battlestar Galactica prequel. Los Angeles Times is doing a countdown of sorts, and has released a pilot that lets us take a peek at the new world that is Caprica. We also get to know a little on the series' storyline plus the moral dilemmas that it confronts.

Watch the trailer here.

It's definitely not your BSG fare, but it's also definitely sci-fi. A description of the Caprica world has also been released, and we agree: it's very familiar.

"A lush blue and green world with a mild climate, Caprica is currently the only unquestioned superpower of the colonies. Its economy and popular culture fuel the colonies. Caprica is primarily a secular planet of comfort, safety, and wealth, beginning now to grapple with a disaffected youth culture."

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