Blind Item Fun: Backstage War

I've seen at least 3 separate sites discussing this blind item, which was originally posted by EW's Michael Ausiello. My interest has officially been piqued.

The show is said to be a show in its sophomore season (and a drama) and the clue is as follows:

"Each actor is crazier than the next," whispers a staffer employed behind the scenes at the war-torn program. "And they all pretty much hate each other."

And they're finding it increasingly difficult to hide their mutual disdain from viewers. Per my snitch, the male lead "cannot stand" his love interest, "and it's obvious by their complete lack of chemistry."

The good news is, the nightmare may soon be over for all concerned. Although the show enjoys a rabid cult following and solid critical support, its ratings are such that a third season is looking very unlikely."

Sophomore show options:

Pushing Daisies

Private Practice

Dirty Sexy Money

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles



Lipstick Jungle

Eli Stone Ausiello added that it's definitely not Pushing Daisies.

So...there's not that many options here. Let's figure it out. My first guess was Dirty Sexy Money, but does that really have a rabid cult following?

And it's not Chuck because those kids' chemistry is electric!

My money's on Private Practice (Addison and Pete haven't had all that many scenes together this season...). However, I haven't been keeping up with T:TSCC (which of the batch I would honestly say has the most rabid cult following). What's the chemistry like there?



Nov 7, 2008 8:19PM EST

My guesses would go for T:TSCC, though I'm not up to date, so I'm also not sure about the chemistry issue, or Private Practice, though perhaps Dirty Sexy Money, but I will agree that I don't think that's a "cult following" kind of show. Very, very, intriguing...

Default avatar cat
Nov 8, 2008 1:32AM EST

I disagree with chatter on almost all the shows with the exception of DSM. Although I'm not a huge fan of many of the shows, the criterion just doesn't fit any other show.

Default avatar cat
Nov 10, 2008 8:05PM EST

ttscc, i don't watch the show because it sounds like problems like that would occuri can also see a cult following, and actors who think to much of themselves and some chemistry that isn't there

Default avatar cat
Nov 13, 2008 4:20AM EST

T:TSCC, Pushing Daisies or Eli Stone, those three to me have the cult following. All supernatural and what not.. and in a way secretly religious. I never got into watching either three. It can't be Private Practice, Pete and Addison are NOT together (she's with the SWAT dude) and Pete has a different love interest (or had since her cameo is up). The drama in DSM is amazing (and don't get me started on the sound track, they should be kept on the air just for the music.. ) I'm a huge fan of Life, but I'm not sure just how popular it really is, but Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi seem to have a great chemistry. I stopped watching Pushing Daisies after the first three episodes, so not much there for me to look at. I only watch the first episode of Eli Stone, and I never got into T:TSCC neither of the three really caught my eye or my interest. So my money is on one of those three to be axed.

Default avatar cat
Nov 20, 2008 3:00PM EST

here's a quote from someone:"I already spoke with Ausiello yesterday, lol. It's funny he even made this a Blind Item.It's Private Practice and Kate Walsh is becoming a regular on Grey's again next season when Private Practice is cancelled this year." sorrow there. I don't even know anyone who watches that show.
Also...I was really worried it might be T:tSCC. As much as I love the cast, I would only be half-surprised if Thomas Dekker turned out to be a prick.

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