Heroes: Is Janice a Hero Too?

Greg Grunberg, who plays Matt Parkman on Heroes, has revealed before that his ex-wife Janice has even more secrets than viewers may have guessed, especially when it comes to his super-powered son, Matt Jr. This has led fans to wonder if his ex-wife Janice has some sort of powers too.

"It's going to take some work," Grunberg told TV Guide. "How much can you trust a person who was dishonest with you? She's got secrets of her own -- Janice is not as simple a character as everybody thinks. Where did those diamonds go [in Season 1]? There's a lot of things we don't know. We made a baby with powers together, and I don't think that's a one-sided thing."

According to Lisa Lackey, the Australian actress who plays Janice on Heroes, that's a possibility she's looking forward to happen in the coming season.

"That would be fantastic because, I've got to say, it's a little boring being the only one who doesn't have a power. It would be very interesting if she knew more than she was letting on," Lackey said.

As of shooting on the fourth season's fourth episode, however, no powers have emerged.

Powers or no powers, Heroes fans will get enough Janice storylines in the episodes to come especially now that she's resurfaced into the family unit.

"It's definitely a strained relationship. It's going to take some time and some real emotional scenes for them to get back together. But I think that's what people are going to want to see. I think when Janice finds out that Matt's been thinking about her and just wanting this relationship so bad, that it's going to work," Grunberg added.

The much awaited fourth season of Heroes will kick off its Redemption volume with a two-hour episode on Monday, September 21. Heroes will continue in its regular 8pm timeslot the following Monday followed by the premiere of Trauma at 9pm.

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