An Angry Conservative Dad Tries Not to Swear on 'Wife Swap' (VIDEO)

We're getting into some trouble on 'Wife Swap' (Fri., 8PM on ABC). The Harris family is from Tennessee, and abide by strict conservative values. Meanwhile, the Weasel family is all about non-conformity and living each day to the fullest. Of course, this will inevitably lead the two families into conflict.

When new "mom" Shanna Weasel takes over the household, she tries to get uptight dad Ken Harris to loosen up a little. The Harris kids have never been allowed to spend their own savings. By way of teaching their kids responsibility, the Harris family has their children run their own mini-businesses. But the kids aren't allowed to use any of their money. Instead, it is all funnelled into their future college fund.

But now, temporary mom Shanna decides to change the rules a little bit. She wants to let the kids spend some money, and she wants them to spend it on ... toys! Father Ken is predictably annoyed.

Ken freaks out, and makes the children leave the toy store. He's disappointed by the whole activity, and he upsets the kids so much that they start crying.

Then, Ken gets mad at Shanna -- but he still must remain in control of his conservative values. So instead of cursing, he says the word "Dadgum." Which is actually kind of cute, in its own way.

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