Video Interviews: Elizabeth Mitchell and Joel Gretsch of V

As many of you probably know, I had the opportunity to visit the set of V a couple weeks ago. I spent most of my time in Father Jack's (Joel Gretsch) office, waiting around to interview the actors. I was even given a tour of Erica Evan's (Elizabeth Mitchell) house and part of the V spaceship. I can say, with all honesty, the cast and crew are extremely friendly and they all have faith in the show. Despite the ratings dip in the second week, viewership is still strong and the story is stronger than ever.

Last week, Erica Evans worked to prove that her partner, Dale, was working with one of the terrorist organizations. Unfortunately, she worked alone. Father Jack was timid to help and had difficulties learning who to trust. Luckily, he came around by the end of the episode and decided to join forces with Erica to take down the Vs. The two of them hope to build a resistance.

Elizabeth Mitchell was unable to discuss Lost with us but told us she would be able to balance both shows. She spoke of Erica's struggles, women in power and the future of Erica and Jack's partnership. Joel Gretsch, best known for his role on The 4400, discusses Father Jack's struggle with faith and the arrival of the Vs. Both were truly enjoyable to interview. Elizabeth Mitchell and I bonded over our Texan roots and our love of Washington (Mitchell lives on a small island near Seattle). Gretsch took my 4400 comparisons in stride.

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