Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 7 - Soul Survivor

The episode begins with Paige staying late at her new temp job with Larry (a lawyer). He's finishing up his will, giving to charity and everything. He gives her an envelope and implys letting her go.

She realizes something isn't right with of Larry's good deeds sees a demon killing Larry. Paige felt really horrible for that happening and was beating herself up about that.

She tells Piper and Pheobe about what happened and they both agree that she should just let it go, that there's not much else she can do.

Then Paige goes to work and talks to Larry's wife, who tells her that for a while, Larry seemed to have been almost clairvoyent in buisness matters, after a long time of being without money and luck, he suddenly makes a break and gains a lot of money and credit in the buisness world.

Meanwhile, Leo was following Chris and found him coming out of a time portal. Leo starts interrogating Chris and Chris didn't tell him anything, so Leo pushes them both into the time portal. They end up in the Cretacous peroid where they can't use their powers because humans aren't around yet to use magic.

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