Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 8 - Sword and the City

Paige enters the kitchen with Richard early one morning to find Piper trying to fix the garbage disposal.

"What's wrong with the disposal?" Paige asks.

"Not disposing," Piper says. "Washer not washing, cable notâ€Â¦cabling."

"Don't forget the sink upstairs."

"It's next on my list," Piper says. Now that Leo isn't around to take care of the odd jobs around the house, she's assumed responsibility for them.

Phoebe enters just as Richard finishes magically repairing the disposal. She takes Piper aside. "Didn't Richard lose it the last time he used magic? I mean, like, really lose it?" Though Piper shares Phoebe's concern, she's more concerned about staying out of Paige's private business.

Piper goes upstairs to unclog the sink. Suddenly, the outline of a woman's face bubbles out of the water. "Help me," the face says.

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