Ratings Race: CBS Premieres 'The Bridge' And Nobody Notices

It's hard to imagine what CBS (0.6/3, 3.9 million) was thinking in premiering 'The Bridge' on a Saturday night in the summer. The Canadian co-production is just the latest in a series of ventures that haven't borne fruit in the US, in many cases because of odd scheduling like this.

As expected, 'The Bridge' performed terribly in a two-hour block for CBS, and the Canadian TV Foreign Ministry had some harsh words about it, as reported on TV By the Numbers. "It's one thing to put 'Flashpoint' on Fridays at 9PM," they said. "At least some people might watch it then, but to premiere 'The Bridge' on Saturday at 8pm goes beyond the generous bounds of international TV etiquette. We are considering our response."

Fox (1.4/4, 4.28 million) skated to its typical Saturday victory, while NBC (0.6/2, 3.06 million) hung in there with repeats. ABC (0.5/2, 2.2 million), on the other hand, skipped out on giving 'Eastwick' fans their last two episodes so they could bomb horribly with repeats of two of their struggling summer shows. Should have given the witches their due, ABC.

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