Melrose Place Episode 10: Amanda Woodward Saves the Day! - Recap

Or revived a downtrodden revamp of a 90s soap.

Judging from everyone's reactions, fans and critics alike, Amanda Woodward's (Heather Locklear) much-hyped return to Melrose Place didn't disappoint. Like some sentimental fan of the original would say, it's like she never left.

Woodward revealed that she is the W in Ella's PR firm WPK, breezing into the LA office like she meant business. Right off the bat, she dished out some zingers that reminded old Melrose Plans fans why they like this girl - "Now when I hired you to give this place a makeover, I didn't mean smear it with lipstick and turn it into a five-dollar hooker. This office is pathetic."

And yes, she fires Caleb.

Yet the big angle on the Amanda Woodward return is being faced off with Ella, supposedly the modern retelling's version of her, although woefully falling short. The two's expected duels started off quite early, when, called into Amanda's office, Ella began gushing that her profile in Vanity Fair inspired her and stuff. Amanda quickly cut her off, "Shockingly, I didn't call you in for your life's story, but your absentee father and pill-popping mother make for a very juicy tale."

During lunch the day after her return, when Ella tells Amanda that her goal is to be like her, the returnee says, "That's a pretty lofty goal." Then Riley is fired by her school because someone tipped them off that she used sick leaves to do the photo shoot. And it wasn't Ella who did it.

The question now is, if the situation will stay this way, boss-subordinate, will Ella ever muster the courage to stand up to Amanda?

Then there's the matter of the envelope in the safe, which probably contains something from the 90s, like Melrose Place charm and camp.

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