'Burn Notice' - 'Breach of Faith' Recap Season 4, Episode 4

As the season progresses, the addition of Jesse is giving the 'Burn Notice' team different variations. Last week it was Jesse and Sam. This week Fiona and Jesse were on assignment. It's all adding up to some interesting dynamics, and any time Sam and Michael are up to their necks in trouble it's a good thing.

More on that and the dangerous nosey neighbor, after the jump.

The Bahamas excursion for Jesse and Fiona kept alive the season-long story arc about Jesse's mysterious contact involved in gun-running. The man never materialized, but the death of Kassar in Miami opened the door to an interesting new villain: Kendra the assassin.

It's funny: I thought it was refreshing to see Fiona and Jesse busted by a nosey neighbor while trying to break in to Kassar's place because so often on 'Burn Notice' our principals come and go without anyone asking questions. Well, when Michael used his fake FBI badge -- Agent Gordon -- to check out the place and then checked out Kendra, we were rewarded with new breadcrumbs to follow. In this instance, a tape hidden in the drywall. And Kendra will be a recurring baddie.

The main story, however, was a good setup for Michael and Sam. What was supposed to be a meeting with a couple whose veterans' charity was ripped off by a Bernie Madoff type, quickly became a hostage situation.

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