Dollhouse: "Stop-Loss" Review Season 2, Episode 9

This episode suffered from a few issues - mainly feeling very rushed - but overall was a fun, exciting and interesting installment that ranks among the best Dollhouse has offered.

My one major issue here was the portrayal of DeWitt. In "Meet Jane Doe", we got the awesome turn of events at the conclusion, where a down and out DeWitt got her groove back by firmly aligning herself with Harding and Rossum, and reasserting herself into the villain category. Yet here we are, just two episodes later, and DeWitt is a mess again! Okay, some of it was tied into Victor leaving the Dollhouse, but turning into a drunken, disheveled mess was pretty extreme and only served to make the character look chaotic and weak.

"You can be on my side or you can be on Rossum's, but the time for being on both is over," Echo tells DeWitt here. Um, but wasn't the entire point of the end of "Meet Jane Doe" that DeWitt did choose a side, and it was Rossum? All of this backtracking made it less effective when DeWitt once again got back on the evil track again at the end of this episode. However, I must commend Olivia Williams for doing some great work here with the material she was given she really went for it, in terms of showing DeWitt in her lush stage, giving a fun, ego-free performance.

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