New Red Trailer Online

While the first Red trailer focused more on Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren, the new promo - first shown at Comic-Con yesterday, finally gives us more of the rest of the cast.

And it’s all the better for it. Though that original trailer had brief looks at everyone else, but largely used their character posters to show them off, the new trailer has plenty of footage with John Malkovich playing up the crazy side and Helen Mirren being effortlessly cool with a gun. And a practical demonstration of what the term “wetware means” (it’s killing people).

And it’s definitely a lot of fun. The plot finds Willis as Frank Moses, a retired CIA operative chafing at the idea of having to live the quiet life. But when the agency decides to wipe him and anyone else that has had access to dangerous secrets in the past, he knows exactly what to do: gather his old colleagues, hunt down those who are trying to kill him and unleash hell on them.

Take a look over at Apple. Red arrives in cinemas on October 22.

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