Recap Kyle XY: Season 2, Episode 6 - Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish

The episode starts with Kyle at the cafe. This is where he meets Andy. As Andy and Josh are chatting, Andy mentions the phrase "I want you to remember this moment." At this point, Kyle saw a 'vision'. He sees a fishbowl, the urn that contained Adam Baylin's ashes and a postcard that read Viz Allati. When he comes back to reality, he happens to be holding a pack of sugar.

Jessi enters the cafe, and Kyle feels a headache. He then says that he thinks something bad is about to happen, and then an earthquake shakes the cafe.

Back at home, Josh tells Nicole about Kyle's prediction. She then tells Kyle that they may be 'visions'. Meanwhile, Stephen picks out his clothes for his first day at the job, and Lori is practicing her guitar.

When Josh gets back to the cafe, he already is planning for his first date in his new car. Andy offers to give him some advice.

At the Hollander residence, Jessi is watching an old film on romance. Emily reminds her of her appointment with Nicole.

At the warehouse, Kyle tells Foss about his vision. Foss suggests that they look into Baylin's notes to see if he wrote something about premonitions.

Amanda offers Lori to perform at the Open Mic Night because she has heard her play from across the house. Meanwhile, Stephen enters Madacorp for the first time, and Emily spots him by looking at some photographs.

At the Bloom residence, Kyle visits Amanda. They talk, and Kyle comforts Amanda that good things are bound to come. Just then a mailman delivers the mail, and Kyle receives the same postcard he saw in the vision, with the words Viz Allati. The postcard was also from him.

Andy visits Josh at their house to try and help him with his first date. Kyle hints that they might look good together.

Some hours pass, but Kyle and Foss still haven't found anything in Baylin's notes. We are shown a book though, entitled Tengerkutatas. Meanwhile, Jessi arrives at the Trager residence and meets Lori. Lori introduces herself and tells a few things about Declan.

Andy tries out what Josh would do with his date in his car. Stephen finds them together and also thinks that Andy is Josh's date.

Back at the warehouse, Kyle thinks that maybe Adam didn't write anything about premonitions. Just then he touches the book entitled Tengerkutatas and he sees another vision. It is a vision of Adam Baylin, and he hands Kyle another note with the words Viz Allati. When he is removed from the vision, Foss explains that Kyle was the one who wrote the note himself. He then tells Kyle that maybe he could use the premonitions to look back at the past.

Foss also tells Kyle that he is trustworthy and that Kyle shouldn't tell his problems to anyone else.

Back at the Trager residence, Josh has learned a lot of things from Andy. At the cafe, Lori talks to Declan and says that they should be able to treat each other like normal people again, and also invites him to her performance at Open Mic Night.

Amanda visits Kyle at home, and invites him to the Open Mic Night. She says that she wouldn't be playing but would be taking care of the sound systems. Kyle decides that he should concentrate and free himself of distractions to find out what the premonitions mean.

During Jessi's session, Nicole talks about her future, and her choices.

Kyle finally blocks out all distractions and looks at the moments from his past. Finally, he stumbles upon a memory where Adam tells him "I want you to remember this moment." It is a moment from the past where they were talking. Kyle discovers that he could actually move freely in his visions. He goes around the table and sees Adam hiding a CD inside the Tengerkutatas book.

Kyle looks for the book at the warehouse and finds the CD. He plays it but only hears an undecipherable noise. Back at MadaCorp, Emily meets Stephen and helps him get inside the facility.

At the Trager residence, Josh stumbles into some car trouble. Stephen helps him fix it, and while doing so, tells Josh about some of his memories of his first date with Nicole. After Stephen is unable to fix the car, they call on Kyle, and the car is finally fixed.

Back at the Hollander residence, Jessi says that she misses her mom. Somebody calls Emily, and afterwards she gives Jessi some spaghetti, reminds her not to go out of the apartment, and then leaves.

As Lori is practicing her guitar, Kyle discovers how to hear Adam's message. Viz Allati means underwater in Hungarian, and so he listens to the CD under the water. Adam's message is that he would want to communicate with him and that he wanted to assure Kyle that he wasn't alone. He also says that Kyle's holographic memory will serve a purpose. Kyle feels though that this is not the full message. Kyle leaves for the Open Mic Night with Lori, while Josh leaves for his date.

Lori and Declan meet up at the cafe and patch a few more things together. Meanwhile, Josh goes to his date's house and knocks on the door. It so happens that he changed his mind and istead went to Andy's house. Andy picks up her jacket and leaves with Josh.

Just as Lori is about to perform, Jessi enters the cafe and shares a romantic moment with Declan. Lori gets distracted, but Kyle convinces her to continue her performance. While Lori is performing, Jessi and Declan go outside and kiss each other.

Meanwhile, Kyle notices the numbers on the sound system, and finds out that Adam Baylin's message is hidden in a alpha numeric cipher hidden in the sound waves of the CD. Kyle writes down the message on a notepad, and it reads "DONT TRUST FOSS".

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