Recap Kyle XY: Season 2, Episode 7 - Free To Be You and Me

Emily enters Jessi into her new school, Beachwood, which is the same school of Kyle, Amanda, Josh, Lori, and Declan. Emily tries to encourage Jessi to make new friends. As Kyle, Lori and Josh go to school, they pass by a car by an accident victim. He sees its wonderful stereo and says that its beautiful.

As Kyle is fixing his locker, Amanda stops by and gives him a flower. It was for the piano that Kyle gave her. To return the favor, Amanda invites Kyle to the dance.

Meanwhile, at MadaCorp, Stephen and Emily stumble into each other. While chatting, Stephen discovers that Jessi is Emily's sister and the same patient that Nicole is taking care of. Emily tells Stephen that she wished Jessi would make new friends with the children of Stephen.

Josh bumps into Andy at the comfort room, and tells her that he can't make it to the dance. He stole the stereo from the car and was caught. He was then assigned to the cleaning committee. Andy then says that she had other dates to go with in the dance.

Lori and Hillary rant about not being able to go to the dance by buying couple tickets. Instead they had to buy single entry tickets which were more expensive. Kyle sees them and tells them that he would be going with Amanda. He is convinced that it is not a date, but Hillary and Lori tell him that it is.

Jessi sees Declan, and Charlie introduces himself. Lori and Hillary see them together, and Lori decides to make Jessi her "frenemy".

Back at home, Kyle feels anxious on his date with Amanda, and talks to Nicole about it. Nicole comforts him and goes out to the kitchen to get some water. She then sees Lori and Jessi, whom Lori invited to the house. Nicole explains that there are supposed to be some boundaries when it comes to her patients.

Jessi then wanders around the house and finds Kyle's room. She fixes Josh's broken stereo and lies down at Kyle's bathtub. Kyle finds him there and they exchange a conversation.

At dinner, Kyle tells the family about Jessi's fixing of Josh's radio. When Stephen comes home, he tells them that Jessi is enrolled in the same school and that they should be friends.

At the Hollander residence, Jessi invites Declan over. They kiss, but Emily catches them in the act. She tells Jessi that she doesn't want her to see Declan. Jessi's anger translates into some blinks in the electricity. Emily tells Jessi that she will not be able to go to the dance.

Amanda visits Kyle at home, and they officially call it a date at the dance. Kyle relates some of his anxiety and his feelings for Amanda.

The next day, Andy tells Lori and Hillary to post flyers to promote their belief that same sex couples be allowed in the dance. Kyle and Amanda help out, but they are caught by the principal. As punishment they all were not allowed to go to the dance.

Andy tells Lori of Plan B, which is to create their own separate dance. Lori grabs the idea and sets to prepare for it.

Meanwhile, Kyle tells Josh that he doesn't know how to dance. Josh then teaches Kyle, but Kyle only copies Josh's moves.

Back at the cafe, Lori invites Jessi to their separate dance, along with Hillary. At home, Lori goes out at night to help with the decorations, while Nicole reminds her of the boundaries. Kyle and Josh tell their stories regarding the dance.

Amanda visits Kyle and tells him that her mother was called by the principal and that she wouldn't be able to go to the dance.

At the cafe, Lori and Hillary finish up the decorations and see that a lot of people actually went to their dance. Stephen and Declan talk about their friendship and their reasons for going to the dance.

Kyle and Jessi bump into each other, and as they do, a surge of electricity seems to go through them. Meanwhile, Josh assumes his job in the cleaning committee. Back at MadaCorp, Stephen and Emily bump into each other again, and Stephen lets slip that Jessi went to the dance.

Josh and Andy speak to each other near the trash bins, but Andy seems to aim to frustrate Josh. She then walks out into the dance floor with her "dates".

Amanda then shows up, telling Kyle that she snuck out of their house. Josh looks on the dance floor, eager to dance. Nicole allows him to join the dance in exchange for some community service. He and Kyle rock the dance floor.

Meanwhile, Lori tells Jessi that she still may have some feelings for Declan. Amanda and Kyle share an intimate moment, as do Jessi and Declan.

Stephen and Emily arrive at the cafe, and brings Jessi out with her. However, Jessi gets angry again, and the lights go off.

After the lights went out, Kyle and Amanda say their goodbyes and are pretty keen on another date. Josh and Andy talk about their "thing". Declan and Lori talk about their relationship, and why Declan and Kyle seemed to stop their friendship.

When the lights go up again, Charlie creates a ruckus, after which Declan stops him and makes a choice not to make Kyle his friend. Kyle sees this, and tries to make amends with Declan.

Not being able to trust Foss, Kyle decides to tell Declan everything. Declan shows Kyle the photographs of him and Lori as well as the note making him back off. Kyle and Declan decide to help each other in this matter.

Meanwhile, at the back alley, as Lori is cleaning out the trash, a mysterious person hits her at the back and leaves Lori unconscious.

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