Recap Kyle XY: Season 2, Episode 9 - Ghost in the Machine

At the beginning of the episode, Kyle confronts Foss, and shows him Adam Baylin's message. Foss says that he just went away for awhile and took all the stuff with him because he could not leave them lying around. He doesn't say though where he went. Kyle gets suspicious and decides to believe Baylin's message.

Flashback to Zzyzx, 15 years ago. Adam keeps something in a safe. He then is confronted by Professor Kern. They have an argument because of conflicting views. Professor Kern wants to use Kyle for some reasons that Adam does not agree to.

Meanwhile, back at the Trager residence, Lori is planning a camping trip in the woods, to try and prove that she wasn't traumatized by her attacker at the dance. Declan tells this to Kyle, and explains that the spot Lori wants to go to is where Zzyzx used to be. When Jessi enters the house, she seems to have a new liking for Kyle.

Kyle tries to prevent Lori from going, but she is set to go, and in the end, she, Kyle, Declan, Josh, Andy, Amanda and Jessi all go together for the trip.

They arrive at the forest, and Jessi finds the same tree where she murdered a hunter. Lori then goes inside a drainage pipe to try and explore it. Concerned, Kyle and Declan follow suit.

When Kyle enters one of the halls, he sees a vision of the past. He sees Adam trying to take something from his safe. Professor Kern then orders him to be taken away. Brian pulls down one of the emergency levers and Adam gets to run away. Coming back to reality, Kyle finds Adam's safe.

Back outside the pipe, Jessi decides to look for Kyle. Amanda then follows her. Meanwhile, Kyle sees another vision of Foss. He sees himself back in the pod, and Foss playing some classical music for him. Professor Kern then comes in and asks Foss to stop playing the music, and orders to ready Kyle for a data retention test.

Josh tries to start a fire outside, as Andy feels colder. While Andy is worried about their other friends, Josh tries to talk her through it. Amanda and Jessi have a small argument. Meanwhile, Lori gets trapped in one of the steel walls. Lori and Amanda find each other and try to look for a way out. Kyle and Declan try to look for them.

In the process, Kyle sees another vision. He sees himself solving some complex mathematical problems, but rejected some data based on "judgment calls". Kern calls a superior and says that 718227 is no longer cooperating.

Back at the forest on top, Josh and Andy still can't strike a fire so decide to go back into the car.

Trying to cheer up Declan, Kyle talks about his relationship with Amanda. Meanwhile Lori and Amanda talk about it too. The two pairs then bump into each other. Jessi on the other hand, while looking around the place, sees a vision herself, of the time when she got out of her pod and Zzyzx was bombed. Methane gas then goes out of the ground and threatens to suffocate them to death.

Kyle sees another vision, this time of a map, and finds a map of the facility. He tells Declan, Lori and Amanda to take the way out while he looks for Jessi. Going down a hallway, he sees another vision. All the data of Zzyzx was copied into his brain. He now understood why he saw visions. He was viewing clips of surveillance footage. Professor Kern then decides to terminate Kyle.

At the car, Josh wants to tell Andy what he feels. After some talk, Josh confesses that he likes Andy, while Andy confesses that she has cancer. They hear Lori call for help, and find them going out of the drainage pipe.

Kyle also finds Jessi and brings her out, but he then goes back inside the pipe to go and get what was inside Adam's safe. He somehow knows the code, and takes a box out of the safe. Just before going out of the pipe, he sees another vision. This time Foss was trying to revive him after Foss terminated him from the system. Inspired by this vision, Kyle fights off the methane gas and makes it back in the open. Amanda kisses Kyle when he comes back, while Jessi looks on.

Back at the Rack, Lori apologizes about her idea to go into the woods. She and Declan have a talk,as do Josh and Andy. Andy tells Josh to keep her secret. Amanda gives the box back to Kyle. Kyle then walks her back home.

When Kyle goes back to the warehouse, Foss is trying to decipher Adam's message. Kyle gives Foss the box, and he says that they will figure out how to open it.

Convinced that Foss is trustworthy, Kyle tries to find out who tried to change Adam Baylin's message. He sees one last vision, this time of Brian Taylor's betrayal.

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