'Gossip Girl' and '90210': What am I missing?

After six weeks of silence, Gossip Girl returned last night, and 90210 returns soon after a month of spring break. Oops, that sentence was supposed to end in an exclamation point, because around these parts, that's a big deal. It seems few things get certain EW staffers more excited than the outlandish antics of rich teens. Me, I don't care. And given that Cavemen got better ratings than GG and 90210 combined, I know I'm not alone.

What I need is someone to explain it to me. Yes, I am old (30s!), but I will watch teen shows. I love the British series Skins about a group of profane, raunchy, bright, insipid, inspired kids. But for some reason, American shows about rich adolescents don't do it for me anymore. It's probably The O.C.'s fault -- something about that time Seth Cohen sailed away to Portland still doesn't sit right. And it's true, I haven't given GG or 90210 much of a chance. So I'm asking for help.

Please tell me: What makes these shows so compulsively, compellingly watchable? Is it the writing? Camp factor? The clothes? (Seriously, are they awesome?) What about the irritation quotient? Seeing young, beautiful, rich kids whine for an hour is liable to make me take my shoe off and beat folks with it. And are there those of you who watch one but not the other? Why?

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Mar 18, 2009 3:36PM EDT

There is something that draws you in and make you want to watch them shows, who knows what it is. But these kind of american shows are always about rich spoiled teens, on the other hand there is skins which you mentioned, i think that is one of the best shows on tv right now and it should be much more popular than it is!!!

Mar 19, 2009 11:48PM EDT

You know what? I have no idea.It's not the drama, because I have enough of that in my life.I'm a sucker for good looking guys on the screen though. And Ed Westwick (Who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, WHO may I add, is actually british) makes my heart melt.I agree with Skins, I'm from the UK and I watch it every Thursday night. The old cast was a little better and the storyline was more real, but this cast is slowly growing on me.
My advice is, give Gossip Girl and 90210 a chance. If you can get past the sometimes annoying acting and actually focus on the story, you might find yourself hooked.Leighton Meester (Who plays Blair on Gossip Girl) is amazing, she blows me away each time I watch her.Even though you're in your 30's, I think if you just don't expect too much and let your mind wander, you'll enjoy it. :)

Mar 20, 2009 1:37AM EDT

watch one tree hill, the whole point of it isn't that they're rich and spoiled :)

Default avatar cat
Mar 29, 2009 6:05AM EDT

Hey,I'd recomend you not watch 90210 and just Gossip Girl instead. The problem with 90210 is that neither acting, nor storyline can at all measure up to Gossip Girl.The best things about GG are the dialogues. Especially Blair tries to sound very sophisticated and smart while Chuck loves beeing the oh so charming and seductive bad boy.I loved the OC and up until recently it was (apart from FRIENDS) my favorite show, but now it's GG because although the couples twist and mix alot it's not about couples.I love it when Blair gets evil and in contrary to most shows, she's not just an ordinary mean girl picking on others, she's a real schemer and a good one two. With most shows the writers want you to like the main characters and only dislike their opponents. Here, they aren't trying to show Blair or Chuck as a nice person and still you fall for them instantly.There are so many great quotes I could give from this show and the actors are great (most of them).
If you are looking for s.th. more realistic with less figured out characters you should watch Friday Night Lights. The high school kids are more ordinary, the dialogues less elaborate and it's not about the latest fashion, that's for sure ;-) Still the stories are interesting and addictive.Give GG a chance and watch at least the first three episodes. After that you can decide whether or not you like it.Have fun and enjoy!!!

Apr 19, 2009 2:45AM EDT

To be honest, I think they're popular because it's a real escape from the everyday. You turn on the tv and don't have to think at all when you watch them. The stories are so outlandish and the drama is so stupid that they serve that guilty pleasure quota. You just let yourself get sucked in and you find yourself saying, "I can't believe Chuck did that!" (GG) or "I can't believe Silver went so nuts..." (90210). Its not supposed to be good, just juicy. Maybe I've just had a lot of practice. I watched the original 90210 and Melrose Place with my mom when I was younger.

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