Top Moments: Sex with the Ex, Breakups and Kiss-Offs

This week on TV featured lots of tricky relationships. Exes Jules and Bobby found their way back into the sack on Cougar Town, Life Unexpected's Lux found a family, Jersey Shore's Sammi and Ronnie eluded love's fragile bond, and Conan O'Brien played out his very public split with NBC through mordant comedy. Welcome to Top Moments: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Edition.

10. Ex-iest Sex: On Cougar Town, Jules' frustrating relationship with her dunderheaded former husband, Bobby, finally starts to make sense. He's charming - charming enough to get Jules in bed for what, sadly, turns out to be the last time. Jules just doesn't like him that way anymore.

9. Raise a Glass Award: Host Ricky Gervais' onstage drinking sets a boozy tone for the Golden Globes, and he only added to it with zingers like this introduction: "I like a drink as much as the next man," he says, "unless the next man is Mel Gibson." Cue a sheepish-looking Gibson.

8. Best Debut: On Life Unexpected, Cate and Baze, the high school sweethearts who have not spoken since doing the deed 15 years prior, reunite when Baze calls in to Cate's radio show to tell her, on air, that the daughter they gave up for adoption has come a-lookin'. "What, were you one of those girls who got knocked up on prom night?" her radio co-host jokes - again, on air. "More like Winter Formal," Baze says.

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