Episode 11 Recap: "Tipping Point"

In this episode of CSI: Miami, the crew works to make the streets safer from a gang and find the killer of a man who was trying to help the gang members live a more fulfilling life.

The episode opens to show a man buried alive in a wooden box at a construction site. There was a machine breaking ground with a giant earth drill when it hits the man in the box, in a most graphical manner. The foreman had heard screaming but couldn't stop the drill in time. Apparently according to the ME, the victim had been shot as well. There was a cardio messenger device in the victim's pocket, and it linked his pacemaker to a EKG tracking website. Through that tracking device, the victim is identified as Michael Olvara. His blood pressure had dropped significantly at 8am which was probably when he'd been shot. Mike, also known as "the Rev" helped kids stay away from gangs through his St. Jude's house for children.

The CSIs located a girl named Yolanda Ramos who witnessed the gunshot of "the Rev", but she had been really afraid to talk to them for fear of being hunted down herself. She caved when she was offered a reward. She tells them where the shooting happened.

Eric finds a medallion on the street at the primary crime scene — a St. Jude necklace. St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes. Calleigh also finds a bullet in the base of a nearby tree. It matches another bullet recovered at a drug bust ten years ago which they tracked to Hector Salazar, former head of the Los Crameos Gang.

Gloria Nunez lived in an apartment in the vicinity of the gunshot of "the Rev." Shouting had been heard from her apartment and reported around the same time, so they figured she may have heard something. She said she was on the phone with the funeral home, arguing about the cost of her daughter's burial who'd been shot walking home from school three weeks ago.

In the lab, they find some blood on the St. Jude necklace that belongs to Rafael Vargas. Wolfe and Horatio show up at Vargas' place with a warrant and try to pin him from the murder, since they figured the reverend was stealing his gang recruits. Menawhile, there's a note on Horatio's vehicle that tells him where to go to find Crameos. Horatio and Eric head to a warehouse where they find a security guard that had been recently jumped. Three guys had just come and taken some explosives, and one of them was Hector Salazar.

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