'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Make Mine A Double Part 2

Whine and Cheese

With that whipping boy gone, the blue team inexplicably turned on Trev. Whether on purpose or by accident, he was pushed to the back of the line in the quick ravioli challenge and he made sure Gordon knew it when his food was praised. The guys took that win and got a helicopter ride up the coast and some much needed relaxing time which Trev destroyed with his whining. Up until then, I felt for him, but ruining the reward was unnecessary, so it was game on after that.

Back in the kitchen, the girls had to milk a cow in order to make fresh mozzarella. Like the cocktail twist, it was hardly worth the effort it took to set up the scene. During prep, Sabrina continued to annoy her teammates with one silly question after another. When it came time for service, she completely fell apart on the meat station waffling so badly about her timing that no one else could get their food to the pass at the same time.

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