'Community' Plans a 'Mean' Homage

There are many reasons to look forward to Community every week. The clever writing, meta references, and fantastic ensemble cast, will always leave you craving for more. But if there is one thing that separates Community from other like sitcoms, it is the show's brilliant use of pop culture homages. Sure 30 Rock does it every now and then, and Glee is heading in that direction, but after only 26 episodes, Community has it down to a science.

So far we have seen the show pay respect to: action movies, buddy cop comedies, super hero movies, John Hughes movies, frat movies, disaster movies, and (my favorite) mobster movies. This November Community is staging another all-out homage. For sweeps season, the show is planning an episode that spoofs the high school movie modern classic, Mean Girls. To make the episode even sweeter, Community has tapped Hillary Duff to play the leader of the plastics. Details are still slim but I'm sure we can expect a showdown between the Duffster and the study group girls.

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