EUREKA ''I'll Be Seeing You'' Review Season 4, Episode 9

Episode Summary

Grant and Beverly's collaboration from the last episode leads to trouble in Eureka. An attempt to activate a new bridge device leads to casualties and a return trip for Carter and Grant to 1947 Eureka- on the same night Carter and the other folks made their original trip. The intrepid duo work to minimize the damage done to the future timeline, while trying to not get stuck in the past. When they make it back, they find they've saved the day, but Beverly has escaped and has set her sights on a new target.

'''What I liked about I'll Be Seeing You

The writer for tonight's EUREKA episode, Jaime Paglia, came up with a great script and storyline to close out the first half of the season. The episode was full of great twists and some OMG! moments that really surprised me. We got to see some story arcs wrapped up (Carter and Allison finally hook-up!), while new potential storylines were started (loved the Jo-Zane interaction near the end of the episode).

Props to both James Callis and Colin Ferguson on their performance in this episode. Ferguson rode the emotional roller coaster and really sucked me in, while Callis delivered another solid performance that solidified Dr. Grant as one of my favorites.

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