'NCIS': Fornell, organized crime, and lie detecting

When this episode of "NCIS" started I was like 'Dude, that Navy guy jogging in the dark should, like, totally not be running there. The dude's totally going to get shot... dude.' The Navy guy did get shot, but he wasn't the only dead guy found at the scene of the crime; it started off as a two body night, I always enjoy that.

Our first body, the Navy man, was Scott Robuck, he was just a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time guy, as the other body was that of Stefano Delmar, a nice fellow who was involved in some organized crime and who had recently turned state's evidence. It was all federal related this week which meant that Fornell was back - another thing I always enjoy.

Want a third thing I enjoy? How about a mole hunt leading towards a pretty massive explosion that comes within minutes of killing Gibbs and Fornell without actually hurting them. That happened too as it seemed the FBI had lost a couple of witnesses prior to Delmar and the trail led back to the outside company doing polygraphs for the Feds... an outside company that had been using Susan Grady (the NCIS woman interested in McGee earlier in the season).

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