'Nurse Jackie': Fitch Cooper gets his due

They've got these nearly life-size standups of Fitch Cooper The Face Of All Saints everywhere in the hospital, and giant signs in the subway and on the streets. This of course drives our ladies mental, and it's only a matter of time before one of them is defaced: I GRAB BOOBS. Gloria's response is eloquent, hilarious, and befitting her majesty.

Also grabbing boobs these days: Eleanor O'Hara, whose fervent lesbian situation freaks Jackie out at first. Seeing Eleanor giggly and romantic is weird and wonderful, but watching butch Jackie Peyton squirm between the two lip-stickingest TV lesbians in history is just plain wonderful. Eventually girlfriend Sarah's bedside manner -- with the husband of a doomed and suicidal soldier -- charms her into complacency, but we'll see where this is headed.

Other boobs getting grabbed include those of Zoey, by Zoey herself, as she tries to confirm whether she's pregnant based entirely on psychic powers. This in an episode-long stream of babble so intense than people actually comment on how weird Zoey's being. (Compared to what?) See the episode title for the answer to this little arc.

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