Recap Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 4, Episode 1 - The Way of the Warrior Part 2

Worf chooses to perform his duty as a Starfleet officer. Gowron declares his entire family dishonored. When Worf tries to put in his resignation from Starfleet Sisko refuses to grant it. So Worf joins the Deep Space Nine crew aboard the Defiant as they head off to come between the Klingons and the Cardassians. The Defiant pulls up to the battle zone and beams the Cardassian council from its crippled ship. They race back to Deep Space Nine as a fleet of Klingon ships arrives, armed and ready to destroy the station. General Martok demands the Cardassian council be handed over, but they have been tested and proved not to be Changelings. Enraged, the Klingons open fire on Deep Space Nine.

The station, which has been recently armed with improved weapons including 5000 photon torpedoes which the Klingons think is a bluff, defends itself well but still takes heavy damage. Klingon warriors beam aboard and attack the crew at Ops with bat'leths. Losses are great on both sides. When several Starfleet vessels arrive, Sisko argues with Gowron that this situation is the best their mutual enemy, the Dominion, could hope for. With the most powerful Alpha Quadrant forces at war with each other, the Dominion will be free to sweep in and take over. A furious Gowron agrees and the Klingons stand down, but not before warning Sisko; "You have sided against us in battle, and this, we do not forgive - or forget!"

The Klingons still refuse to give up the Cardassian territories they acquired in battle, meaning they intend to stay right where they are for the time being. With much work to do in the near future, Worf agrees to stay on Deep Space Nine.

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