The Simpsons Season 21, Episode 22 Review: "The Bob Next Door"

One of our favorite Simpsons characters, nay villains of all times, Sideshow Bob returned to the show last night in "The Bob Next Door" so expect this to be an extremely biased review. Well, yes, technically reviews are biased, but you get the idea.

So what was this episode's excuse for breaking out the convict who's serving at least a few life sentences by now? Like everything else, blame it on the bad economy, of course! The whole Face/Off style of getting Bob out of prison was actually pretty clever and we'll admit it, suprised us.

The episode definitely had a strong plot line with good twists, and as much as we hate to say anything bad about the episode, the jokes just weren't there. We always appreciate a good throwback to the infamous "rake joke" and poor Bob having to suppress his love of the theater, but the episode just didn't have the same humor as say, "Cape Feare."

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