Glee Spoilers: Emma to Move on From Will

When we last left Emma and Will, the former had held her ground against the latter when it came to his, well, man-whoring ways.

It's been a couple weeks since Glee focused on this relationship, though, causing viewers to wonder where the duo stands. According to the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, the answer is: What duo?!?

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May 18, 2010 9:50AM EDT

I have a lot of issues with Glee (plot continuity? we don't need no stinking plot continuity!) but Emma and Will splitting up is not one of them.I used to like Will. In the first half of the season he was adorable, in a clueless too-nice sort of way. But as soon as he split with his wife he turned into a sticky-sweet simpering git who, thanks to lack of plot continuity, dived right into a quasi-relationship with the very-damaged Emma. He then promptly started telling her to 'fix herself,' ignoring (again, thanks to lack of continuity) his own issues, i.e. having no real identity and being the biggest man-whore ever. And yes, a lot of his man-whoring wasn't... er... consummated?, or even willing on his part, but he sure as hell didn't stick up for himself or for Emma very much. So, when Emma barged into the teachers lounge and finally stuck up for herself, I was like, you go girl! And now I want to see Emma move on, even if I have to survive weeks of Will laying on the puppy eyes. Ugh, those puppy eyes... *sigh*

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