EASTBOUND & DOWN ''Chapter 8'' Review

It definitely wouldn't be my choice to open up a TV show with Stevie and a prostitute in a motel room, but it is an interesting way to introduce him to Season 2 of EASTBOUND & DOWN.

In Chapter 8, Stevie is on a quest to live life like Kenny Powers, which has a possibility of reaching the creepy levels of Single White Female. Kenny finds Stevie in his house, accidentally shoots him and is told by the nurse who lives below that he'll have to stick around a bit to heal up. Powers was using more than just Stevie's name while hiding out in Mexico, and Stevie followed the trail of the $22K debt Powers was raking up in his credit cards. The Kenny and Stevie dynamic has always lead to some of the best stuff on the show, mainly because its hard to believe someone could be so stupid to find Powers worthy of idol worship. The two end up bonding over some drinks at a strip joint, where Powers remarks that he has been staring at buttonholes and getting is buzz on since he first moved to Mexico. This quote needs to be emblazoned on a T-shirt NOW!

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