'The Bachelor' Finale Inspired 'Hitched or Ditched'

Producer Mike Fleiss has yet another reality series to add to his credits. After wrapping up arguably the most controversial season of The Bachelor and having just premiered the fifth season of its spin-off, The Bachelorette, Fleiss is once again trying to capture a new brood of viewers with Hitched or Ditched, which just premiered Tuesday night on The CW.

Though it probably has the same cheesy-reality drama ring to it, Hitched or Ditched offers something different from the reality dating shows Fleiss is known for. The concept of the one-hour series is to feature long-term couples who are nominated by friends who believe it's time for the couple to either tie the knot or Break up.

"I was checking out the ratings for The Bachelor finale and it was like 'Damn, look how much bigger the finale is than any other episode. How do I create a show that has that power and drama in a self-contained episode?' That's how it started. The CW has been great about it and it's a perfect network for it since it's about young people,' Fleiss said of how the concept of Hitched or Ditched about.

Although The Bachelor inspired the idea of Hitched of Ditched, the premise, as well as the result, is certainly different. Fleiss adds that "this one really works" and that he tried to create a self-contained hour that has real stakes and a real pay-off at the end.

"I'm really proud of the show because it's a reality show that is real with real people and the marriages are real, the weddings are real and the drama is real," he said.

Hitched or Ditched currently airs every Tuesday at 9/8c on The CW. Meanwhile, ABC is currently casting eligible men, as well as potential bachelorettes, for the 14th season of The Bachelor.

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