The 'CSI' Franchise Case File: Couple vs Writer, or When Those Similarities Aren't Coincidential

It's another week, and what I thought would be some serious downtime isn't turning out to be just that. The biggest news in CSI this week is, well, a lawsuit filed against the producers! Sure you've heard of this, but I'll have my own take on this later. Also on this week's case file, Delko talks about girlfriend materials, and Mac talks about why he's happy with having a secure job in New York.

Item one: One writer for defamation, please. At the end of each television show, usually, there's this notice that goes, "any similarities towards actual people are coincidental", but what if it actually isn't? That's what a couple based in Los Angeles accuse a CSI writer of; they filed a lawsuit against her, early in the week, accusing her of patterning two shady characters in an episode after them.

Melinda and Scott Tamkin, who work as real estate agents, are seeking $6 million in damages against writer Sarah Goldfinger, alleging that she named two characters in an episode of the show after them, in revenge for a real estate deal that went wrong. Apparently, the accused wanted to buy a home from the Tamkins in 2005, but she pulled out of the sale when it was in escrow.

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May 29, 2009 10:20PM EDT

Bah. Who would have even connected those real estate people with the character names if they hadn't made a big, public deal about it? Talk about over-reacting. The real Scott obviously didn't kill his wife with toothpaste, so where's the beef?
I like Gary Sinise, especially as Mac Taylor, and love that his band is "Lt Dan". :) I hope the show stays around for many more seasons, with interesting cases.
Delko wants to get married and make babies? I'm sure many would be happy to fill that role. Ladies?

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