Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 15 - Is There A Woogy In The House?

The house is shaking, the sisters run down the stairs talking about the earthquake. They straighten Grams' picture and walk to the kitchen. They notice a smell coming from the basement. As Piper informs them that she has already called somebody to check on it, the doorbell rings. As Piper goes to answer it, Phoebe and Prue talk about a Buckland's dinner party being hosted at their house. Piper and the guy Piper called walk into the room and he immediately notices the smell. He goes down to the basement, Piper and Prue starts to make fun of Phoebe's fear of the basement and the Woogyman. They ask if that's why she hasn't been down there in 18 years. Next we see the gasman in the basement. Suddenly, the lights cut off. He pulls out a flashlight and starts to look around. He notices a large crack in the floor and bends over to check it out. He pulls out a screwdriver and sticks it in the crack. Suddenly smoke starts to shoot out of it and the man jumps up. The floor open up and the Woogeyman comes out. It surrounds the man and then absorbs inside of him. Now we see Piper going through the mail and handing it to Phoebe. They start talking about the Woogeyman again. Suddenly the man walks out from the basement. He says that " By tonight, there will be no more problems". Piper and Prue both leave. Now in the basement we see the gasman who is currently possesed by the Woggey man. He asks which one the Woogey wants and the Woogey says Phoebe.

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