Scrubs: "Our Couples" Review Season 9, Episode 8

This episode began with Lucy noticing that everyone at med school was coupling up, although to be fair, by "everyone," she meant, "every featured cast member on Scrubs." She and Cole were still an item, although Lucy was having trouble admitting as much, Denise and Drew were still in their bizarre anti-romantic relationship and Dr. Cox and Turk were also a couple of sorts, bickering about the best ways to handle patients at the hospital. But underneath Lucy's obvious revelation, there was another thing going on - the cast seemed to switch personalities and take on the roles of other Scrubs' characters past and present.

For example, Cole and Lucy felt like they were channeling Turk and Carla early on their relationship, with Lucy coming to grips with the fact that, even though Cole was sometimes juvenile and arrogant (and he used his own homemade jargon), he was also sweet and they enjoyed being around each other. Meanwhile Denise took on the role as The Janitor, punishing the two security guards for acting entitled and dismissive, kinda like how J.D. could act on occasion. She took a small disagreement and completely blew it out of proportion by making copies of the guards' security cart keys and distributing them to the entire campus. If that doesn't seem like Janitor 2.0, I don't know what does. And in a strange turn of events, Drew seemed to take on the role of Dr. Cox, dishing out advice to his fellow students, but not without insulting them at the same time.

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