Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 16 - Which Prue Is It Anyway?

The episode begins with a sparring match in a boxing ring. One man knocks the other out, and we see an older man look on. You see the winning boxer in the locker room as the older man meets him and tells him he saw him fight in a boxing match where the other man died. He stops the boxer from trying to leave, and tells the man he wants his killer instinct. He stabs the man to death and leaves.

Back at the manor, Pru and Piper argue about Gram's statue in the living room. Piper explains that storage has gotten too expensive, and Pru wants it moved because it is ugly. She tries to use her powers to move it and can't. They hear Phoebe making noises and see her practicing kickboxing moves on a practice dummy, which she explains she purchased to practice fighting demons since she does not have an active power. The girls horse around, and Phoebe touches Pru and has a premonition of her being stabbed. "I saw you die," she tells Pru.

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Phoebe is in the kitchen researching her premonition and trying to draw pictures of the sword she saw stab Pru. Piper enters and Phoebe tells her she hasn't found anything. The girls don't want Pru to go to work, but she says she has to go for a big account her boss wants to put her in charge of. They make her promise to come straight home. At Buckland's, her boss introduces Pru to Helena Statler, who explains she has a massive collection to offer at the Warehouse Flats. They demand Pru does an appraisal today, and she agrees.

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