Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 17 - That '70s Episode

Prue and Phoebe are sitting at the table in the conservatory looking through some old photo albums. Phoebe complains to Prue how there aren't family pictures of her. Piper walks in the room and goes over to the desk. She starts hitting the top trying to open a drawer. She is quickly trying to find a pen and paper. Phoebe gets up and walks over to the desk. She hits the top twice and then bumps her leg against the side. The drawer opens. Piper grabs a pen and piece of paper. The door bell rings. The sisters walk to the foyer to answer the door. Piper reminds Prue and Phoebe of the man that comes every year on the same day and time to bring Grams flowers. Piper was planning on writing the man a note to let him know that Grams is dead. Piper walks up to the door and opens it. An older man with grey hair and a bouquet of flowers steps into the room. As Prue and Phoebe say hi to the man the clock starts to chime. The man goes to hand the flowers to Piper saying that they are for a Miss Penny Halliwell. The flowers drop from the mans hands and Piper freezes the room. She grabs the flowers and then unfreezes the room. The man looks at Piper and tells her that he only heard five chimes. Piper confusingly looks at the man. We then learn that the man is a warlock called Nicolas who has come every year, waiting for the girls to receive their powers. Piper starts backing up toward her sisters. Nicolas puts on a large red ring and transforms into a younger man. He had to appear to age over the years so the sisters wouldn't get suspicious. Nicolas tells them that 24 years ago that day their mother made a pact with him.

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