Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 19 - Out Of Sight

At a birthday party in the park, Prue witnesses a demon kidnapping a little boy. Prue reaches her hands toward the boy, named David, and levitates both David and the demon in the air. Prue is startled; she’s never channeled her power through her hands before. While she’s distracted, the demon escapes underground with David.

But Prue’s got another problem as well: a jogger in the park saw her use her powers. And the jogger, a reporter named Eric Lohman, wants an exclusive story for his tabloid newspaper. When he asks her about her magical powers, Prue says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

The sisters identify the demon who took David as a Grimlock. As Piper discovers in the Book of Shadows, these underground demons “roam from city to city killing powerful forces of good by seeing the unique auras that surround them.” The Grimlocks are able to see the auras “by stealing the sight of innocent children.”

Phoebe talks to a man named Brent Miller who was kidnapped from the same park twenty years earlier, and who was found blind after escaping from what he called “storm drain monsters.” The police didn’t believe his story, of course, and attributed the loss of his eyesight to a parasite caught in the sewers. Phoebe convinces the man that she believes him, and that she needs his help to find the kidnapped child.

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