Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 20 - The Power Of Two

Piper is leaving for a business trip to Hawaii and is concerned about leaving her sisters home all by them selves.

At work Claire is putting pressure on Prue to make a good impression with the investors. Claire tells Prue that she will not tolerate any more unexplained absense.

That leaves Phoebe to take care of the house seen as she is the only one without a job and not going to school.

When she thinks Piper and Prue is making her do way too much of the work at the manor, she decides to join her friend, Marianne, for a guided tour at the ex-prison Alcatraz. During the tour Phoebe witnesses the ghost of a convicted killer(Jackson), murder and posses the guide. Not a long time after that an old jugde is killed mysteriously and when Andy finds fingerprints that matches Jacksons. Andy contacts Prue, who's very busy at work, and Phoebe gets yelled at when Prue discovers that she went to Alcatraz instead of buing groceries.

Phoebe is sick of being taken for granted and Prue thinks Phoebe is lazy and irresponsible.

Andy, who's being kept under survaliance by internal affairs, finds Jacksons old file which helps Phoebe and Prue to find out who the next victim is. The three of them arrive just in time to save an old woman who was a member of the jury that had Jackson convicted. Jackson leaves with the words: “You can’t keep saving her forever, or the others, or yourselves”.

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