Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 22 - Deja Vu All Over Again

Rodriguez, the demon posing as an Internal Affairs officer, is looking through photos of the Charmed Ones Wednesday morning, plotting his next move. To his astonishment, the great demon Tempus appears. Tempus has come to ensure that Rodriguez’s attempt to defeat the Charmed Ones succeeds. Tempus tells Rodriguez to arrange to meet with all three sisters together. Rodriguez assures Tempus that he will not fail.

In the kitchen of the manor, Phoebe receives an emergency phone call from Piper, who’s spilled marinara sauce on her dress just before she’s about to appear on a segment of a Food Network television show. Phoebe says she’ll be at Quake shortly to bring Piper a new dress.

As Prue enters the kitchen, she and Phoebe hear the sound of a car crash. Someone has run into the parked car of their neighbor, Mrs. Henderson, but it’s just a fender bender. Prue looks at the newspaper and discovers that Andy’s suspected of murdering Rodriguez’s partner, Anderson. When Phoebe touches the paper, she has a premonition of Andy lying dead at the manor.

Rodriguez confronts Andy at the police station. To Andy’s surprise, Rodriguez says he doesn’t believe Andy had anything to do with Anderson’s murder. Rodriguez believes Anderson was killed by something supernatural. And he believes Andy can help him find out who’s responsible. He knows who Andy’s protecting.

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