Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 1 - Witch Trial

Phoebe is celebrating the anniversary of receiving her powers and becoming a Charmed One and encourages her sisters to rejoice as she has. Her sisters, however, are concerned with other matters. Piper is dating a loan advisor whilst she is trying to buy a new nightclub and Prue is still upset over Andy’s death. After the Book of Shadows is stolen by an unknown demon, can the sisters continue with their normal lives? Phoebe is occupied with the new neighbour Dan’s niece, Jenny, who feels she needs a woman to talk to. Whilst talking, Phoebe notices the triquetra on Kit’s collar and realises a way to retrieve the Book. Still annoyed with Phoebe for taking her to a naked gathering to celebrate the autumnal equinox, Piper tries to obtain the loan but is attacked by a previous boyfriend and vanquished warlock, Jeremy. Nicholas attacks Prue at work and Piper and Phoebe face the Shadow at the manor. The girls realise that Abraxas is reading the book backwards, undoing their spells and releasing old enemies back into this world. They fear that if he turns to the first page and reads the spell which gave them their powers, they will lose their magic. The girls attempt to retrieve the Book from Abraxas ‘using the Power Of One’ which they assume to mean Prue, since she is the strongest. When Prue is unable to grab the Book from the demon, Phoebe lashes out at her and Prue reveals her guilt over Andy’s death. After talking to his partner, Morris, the girls fight the demon again, this time all of them together, working as one, thanks to some hints from Grams.

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