Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 2 - Morality Bites

Prue and Phoebe are in the kitchen when Piper comes in carrying groceries and complaining that she stepped in dog droppings. Some guy has apparently been allowing his dog to do it's business all over the neighborhood, and suddenly the girls hear a dog bark. They run to the window and see him allowing his dog to do his business at the front of their driveway. Phoebe suggests that they should use their magic to teach him his lesson; Piper freezes him and Prue flicks the dog droppings onto his shoe. They momentarily joke about whether or not the man saw them before parting, Prue and Piper to the kitchen to make coffee and Phoebe to watch TV. When Phoebe pauses on the news channel giving a headline about baseball player Cal Green she has a premonition of her future self being burnt alive while Prue and Piper watch. She screams and Piper and Prue come running to help.

Piper and Prue are trying to calm Phoebe down while figuring out what triggered the premonition when the doorbell rings. Piper answers it. It’s Leo, he has the day off since the Elders are making him work that evening and he wants to spend it with her. She declines because of Phoebe’s situation, and he suddenly gets a call from the Elders and kisses her as he orbs out. In the attic Leo is flipping the pages of the Book of Shadows by himself and he orbs out just before the girls enter. The book is open to a spell to go forward in time and they determine that is what they must do to save Phoebe. They do the ritual and disappear. Piper wakes up in the manor in her future body and a girl is entering the room calling her “Mommy.” This confuses Piper, but she has little time to think as the girl hears a horn honk and runs to get her backpack for school. The girl calls to Piper, and at the door another mom is picking up Piper’s daughter and she verifies that she should take the girl to Piper’s ex-husband's house after school. Piper decides that is the best course of action and just as the girl is ready to leave she whispers a promise to her mother that she will never use her powers again. A limo pulls up as soon as the girl disappears and a blonde Prue steps out of it followed by an entourage. Prue now owns Bucklands and is excited to hear about how Piper’s future self has turned out. They discuss why they are in their future bodies and not just observing them, like when they traveled to the past. Apparently traveling to the future is different than going to the past. They realize this means Phoebe’s life really is in jeopardy. On the TV a man named Nathaniel Pratt vows that he will hunt down and rid the world of witches.

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