Bad Girls Club Season 4, Episode 3 Recap

This episode the girls have a house meeting and ultimately decide to let Natalie stay despite the fact that she hit Kendra IN THE FACE last week. Seriously. Natalie takes Kendra to dinner at Fogo de Chao to apologize and to build a relationship while the other ladies go to a club called Kress for bottles of booze and dancing. I think my favorite scenes are the ones showing the girls pulling themselves together the morning after a night of serious boozing. These girls are hardcore, yo!

The next day the ladies hit up a roof party at the Renaissance Suites, where we get to see Kendra and Marcus flirt it up some more, and the girls proceed to leave Flo stranded without a ride, which does not go over well. Flo is seriously mad this episode, but I hope we get our beloved maternal Bad Girl back by the next episode! By the end it is clear that the house is dividing in a big way. One clique is Annie, Kate, and Amber, while Flo, Kendra, and Natalie have formed a group of their own. But where will Portia fit in? No Bad Girl is an island, my friends.

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