'Pretty Little Liars' : Storm Before the Calm Episode 9

SAT. Three little letters that haunt all college bound high school juniors. Of course, our girls on Pretty Little Liars are haunted by far more than just a standardized exam. Last week, Alison's memorial was trashed and we were left to wonder whodunit.

This week, A is back and on a mission: to make the girls distrust one another, starting with Emily. With dirt on her shoes, evidence in her bag and one nasty letter to Alison dated mere days before her disappearance ... Emily sure looks guilty. But, as usual on this show, looks can be deceiving.

Amidst "The Perfect Storm", tensions flare, romances stir and alliances are tested. Due to a tornado, the kids are stuck in Rosewood High as they await their SAT exams. It's revealed that Toby Cavanaugh is alive and on the move, but there are plenty of other suspects right under our noses. One thing is certain, these girls may lie but they will never turn against each other. Well, I suppose I should never say never, especially with A lurking around. And, with only one more episode left for the season, who knows what might just happen.

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