'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Curious Case of Benjamin's Back

In a French kitchen, a demi-glace is a sauce made of equal parts of veal stock and sauce espagnole that has been reduced by half to intensify the flavors. It's similar to a semi-finale, which in Hell's Kitchen terms means reducing the number of contestants by half in order to intensify the suspense.

It all began at the Savoy Grill, or rather the Hell's Kitchen version since the real one is under renovation in London. The chefs, which the exception of Jay, got all dressed up and had a chance to sample some of the dishes they'd be cooking if they were to win. They should have known they'd be asked to recreate one of the dishes and yet Jay seemed surprised. Ramsay was kind enough to give them another taste of the meat with vegetables and a fruit puree, but even that didn't help them get it right. Jay was the only chef to get pear puree instead of apple, but he blew it by using beef instead of venison. It was a close call but Holli eked out Ben for the win and she got to spend an afternoon on a yacht with her son.

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