Jon & Kate Plus 8 Episode Recap: "Bam! 100th Episode"

Monday's episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 - the show's 100th - set aside most of the doom and gloom surrounding the Gosselins' marriage to celebrate the milestone. Jon and Kate spent much of the episode together in the kitchen with Emeril Lagasse (what's with all the Food Network crossovers?), and the family even shared a meal together. The interview chair, however, remained a one-at-a-time experience.

"At this point, whoever lands in the interview chair does the interview, it looks like," Kate said. "It's called rolling with life."

Mercifully, the show felt like those of seasons past, in which each episode focused was on a single activity and the joy it brought the children. Emeril shared laughs with the kids as they helped him snap the ends off green beans for a casserole, and yelled his signature "Bam!"

Also back from past episodes? Kate having laughs at Jon's expense. While Emeril taught Kate his chili mac recipe, Jon was busy peeling garlic - for four hours. "That's the most I've seen him in the kitchen in my life," Kate said, suggesting that Emeril brought all that garlic just to keep Jon busy. Jon, however, got his own pleasure from Emeril's visit.

"That's Kate's territory," Jon said. "And he went into her territory, which is funny because he took control and pushed her out of the way and did his thing."

Emeril didn't do all the pushing. In one scene, Kate playfully slapped Emeril's hand with a spatula, something she later admitted in the interview chair was perhaps a bit disrespectful.

Emeril finished the meal and congratulated the couple on their milestone episode. "I don't know how you made it," Emeril told Jon.

"I don't either," Jon joked.

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