'The Biggest Loser': Bob + Amanda = Together 4 Eva Season 8, Episode 11

Suze Orman drops by "The Biggest Loser" campus to educate on the financial impact of obesity. To sum it up: being fat is expensive, y'all.

The first few minutes of this week's show is filler, so we'll just skip ahead. Financial guru Suze Orman makes a cameo to talk about the added cost of being obese. Not only is it expensive to buy all that take-out food, but the medication and cost of health insurance is also outrageous. This week's mini-challenge was basically an excuse to give the contestants a few thousand bucks and to educate America. They had to walk on a treadmill and answer money questions. Did you know that obese people make on average $7000 less a year because they don't work as much? Or that Americans spend $4.4 billion a year on gastric bypass? That's a lot.

Bob Harper decides to gather the kiddies around to make certain they're prepared for the real world. At first, they're all giving him the Miss America answers. But eventually, they all break down about how scary it's going to be to go back home. Danny had overcome a weight problem in his past, but ended up getting fat again. He's worried the same thing will happen. Bob assures them that they all have the education and motivation to continue on their journeys. That's when things get weird. Amanda and Bob have this weird platonic yet lovey-dovey relationship. She writes him a love letter and he practically asks her to bear his children.

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