Episode Recap: Auditions, Louisville

Welcome back, Idol fans! After a lackluster showing of talent in San Francisco last night (save of course for "singing from the wrong rectum" girl), we're hoping for a much better batch of wannabes in Louisville. After a cheesy visit to Churchill Downs, we finally get to meet the hopefuls. But did Louisville deliver?

Best Auditions

Joanna Pacitti: Kara recognizes her from having been signed to a label, but Joanna tells them that the deal just didn't work out - we can tell she's still fragile from being dropped. This girl is smokin' hot and sings an awesome version of Pat Benatar's "We Belong." If she can get over her confidence issue, I think she'll go far. Too bad they ruin her sweet moment of victory by playing Avril Lavigne's "Keep Holding On." Gag.

Matt Giraud: The 23-year-old dueling piano player sings the heck out of his audition song and gets his golden ticket to Hollywood!

Alexis Grace: I kinda want to reach through the screen and strangle Randy when he tells this little soul-tastic spitfire that she has a "pretty good voice." I swear I don't understand their thinking most of the time. Paula likes her but wants her to work on her stage presence (um, do you remember Carrie Underwood's audition?). But, she's fantastic, and much better than anything else they've seen in Louisville.

Leneshe Young: As they often do on Idol, they save the best for last. Leneshe has a smoky and playful voice that reminds me of Rihanna a little bit. Plus, with her backstory filled with poverty and overcoming adversity, how can you not love this diamond in the rough!

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