Smallville: Preview of Episode 9.10 "Disciple"

After weeks spent waiting, we've finally come to the return of Smallville's ninth season. Tonight's new episode will make us giddy with the Green Arrow, as we witness him face former foes on "Disciple."

If you haven't quite read what Justin Hartley had to say on his interview, let's get on with today's episode preview. Oliver will once again encounter his old mentor, the Dark Archer (Steve Bacic). The two of them come face-to-face, not to reminisce good times, but to settle their differences at last.

Seeking revenge, the Dark Archer kidnaps Oliver's new apprentice Mia, aka Speedy (Elise Gatien). He also manages to abduct another special person in the Green Arrow's life. According to the CW's official description, it's bound to be Lois (Erica Durance). Still, these girls won't be the only ones in danger.

As we expect, our emerald-clad superhero will race ahead in the hopes of saving them. But his obstinacy gets in the way, which might even cost him someone's life. Having to confront this haunting being will definitely push Ollie to the limit, and in the end even he needs a savior.

Hopefully, Clark (Tom Welling) will be able to stop him in time. We're sure he won't allow Oliver to make yet another "deadly mistake." These superheroes really do need to stick together, and we're not just saying that because they'll eventually form their own supergroup.

Below, you can find a clip of tonight's episode of Smallville. In it, Chloe (Allison Mack) finds herself the victim of a villain who looks suspiciously like the Green Arrow. But as we know, he's not the only archer in Metropolis at the time.

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