Episode 11 Recap

After Jordan's shocking elimination last week, everyone (save Mountaha who has immunity) should be quaking in their boots this week. And they are. Sandhurst says, "If the judges wanted to send a message with eliminating Jordan, they definitely did. Any slip up and you can go."

The models worries are only amplified by the arrival of this week's photo shoot assignment. "Put on some warm clothes because you're about to be polar bears." Right away, Salome clues in to what this means. "Do you know what polar bears do? They go into cold water and get fish." For the first time all season, one of the models hits the nail on the head perfectly about the photo assignment. Despite the near freezing temperatures, the models will be having a swimsuit photo shoot and they're posing with some less than lovely sea creatures.

The models arrive at the beach and it's hovering just above freezing. While the models look less than thrilled, we are pleased to report that Jonathan has gone back to a beautiful blonde and Salome has taken out her new extensions. Both look better with their original makeover and Tyson is pleased to see that they've returned to their roots.

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