'The Vampire Diaries' - 'Fool Me Once' Recap Episode 14

Well, finally! Finally we get to that darn tomb and see what's in there (lots of scary souls). At the beginning of this episode, I was going to complain about how 'The Vampire Diaries' has been a lot of talk and not much action lately. But at least we got the tomb scene, and Sheila's awesome witch powers. Still ... is it just me, or has the show leveled off a bit on the excitement factor?

One thing I liked is that when all was said and done, and Damon still didn't have Katherine out of the tomb (did we even see her down there? I need to run the DVR back), that Elena hugged Damon and told her she was sorry. There really is something between those two, and whether it's just because she looks like Katherine or something else, they do have a connection. But Elena seems no-nonsense enough to not fall for Damon's charms. Maybe.

Then again, when she asked why he didn't read her thoughts in Atlanta, he said, "I didn't compel you in Atlanta because we were having fun. I wanted it to be real." Hmmm...

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