Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 4 Season 6

I've entitled this week's episode “Guard and Protect Your Heart. This was easily the best and yes, most dramatic episode so far. Before we dive in let's answer some of your questions from last week. I love that somebody mentioned that none of the guys have hair on their chest. This person went on to ask if this is natural. Obviously, the answer is no. Most of the guys trim, shave, or wax their chest hair. I took a very informal poll (I asked one woman) and discovered that if a guy has a great body, then this is preferred. Now I pose this question to you: Is the hairless look preferred by most women, or do you stand by the old adage Real men have chest hair? Leave your comments below, and we'll continue this debate next week.

Another commenter asked where the guys go after they are let go. The short answer is they go home. Obviously, they spend the night wherever we are, but they go home shortly after being eliminated. I know all the talk today around the water cooler (does anybody really ever talk around an actual water cooler?) is about Kasey and his actions this week. I need a minute to gather my thoughts and try to digest all of what I just saw, so let's start with the other dates and then we'll build up to Kasey.

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