Review: Heroes - Let It Bleed - Season 4, Episode 14

See, Heroes does answer questions. Now we know what happened to Claire's flying boyfriend, West. SPOILER ALERT! They're Facebook friends.

This second episode in a two-hour Heroes extravaganza returned attention to Sylar's storyline, last seen walking away from Peter, having fully regained control of his body. Does that mean Sylar is back 100%? It may not be that simple. We also got the wake of Nathan's funeral, where we learned that Peter isn't finding it very easy to let go.

I also am going to choose to believe that Nathan's wife and kids were there somewhere. It's been so long since we've seen them, if they were there I'm not even sure I would recognize them. But I'll give the writers the benefit of the doubt on this one. We didn't see everyone.

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Jan 5, 2010 5:09PM EST

personally i did not like this episode/double.
i thought that samuels not scary in the slightest. fact is alone he is nothing - he is holding papercards and for some strange reason they are not falling.
nathans dead, ok yes i understand it will be hard to move on but does he need to go off the rails? peter is a broken record. doing the same things all the time, i am frankly bored to watch.
hiro and ando was probably the most interesting thing to actually watch, while sylar was probably the most boring. Sylar is still not "Sylar" and once again he is going after clair.
what annoys me most is that whenever in heroes we seem to have a developement (HRG+SPEEDSTER ALLIANCE) the show takes that away from us straight away. thats 5 minutes of the show which serves no purpose whatsoever since nothing is gained in the end. but it is only one among many examples.
i will watch until the cancellation of this show. but its clear that my enjoyment has tumbled dramatically

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